Mobility Funding

Researcher mobility support enables both Estonian and foreign researchers to carry out research in a new research environment to exchange experience, expand their co-operation networks and obtain new skills. The aim of postdoctoral grant is to support researchers with Estonian PhD degree or those with equivalent international research qualifications to continue their independent research careers in strong collaborative research groups for up to two years. Researcher who has received his/her doctorate in Estonia cannot apply for a postdoctoral project at an Estonian R&D institution.
International co-operation programmes provide also various options for funding researcher mobility:

  • post-doctoral grants are provided by the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) and University College London School of Slavonic and East European Studies (UCL SSEES);
  • the Parrot programme provides travel grants for co-operation with French researchers.

Post-doctoral grants

Postdoctoral grants – We support researchers who have earned their doctoral degrees abroad in coming to Estonia for postdoctoral research.

Returning researcher grant

Returning researcher grant – We support the return to Estonia of researchers who have been working outside Estonia for at least two years (returnee).

Mobility support schemes in the Mobilitas Pluss programme:

  • Mobilitas Pluss postdoctoral grant– support for researchers coming to Estonia to carry out their research projects. The support is aimed at researchers who have defended theid doctoral degrees abroad;
  • Returning researcher grant– support for researchers who have carried out their post-doctoral research (or research at least at the same level) abroad and return  to continue their research  in Estonia;
  • Top researcher grant– support for top researchers who come from abroad to work in an Estonian R&D institution and to establish their own research group;
  • Support for study visits and training abroad– support for researchers working at Estonian R&D institutions to participate in trainings and study-visits.


Previous researcher mobility programmes

The programme Mobilitas 2008-2015 with the total budget of 20.3 million euros (of which up to 85% was granted by the European Social Fund) provided grants for post-docs (127) and top researchers (18).
Programme ERMOS (Estonian Research Mobility Scheme) 2010-2015 strived to develop and diversify Estonian research potential through the mobility of researchers and exchange of experience, and promote the development of careers of young researchers (45). The programme was co-financed by EU in the framework of the FP7 Marie Curie COFUND scheme.