Open Call for Science Communication Projects


The aim of the Open Call for Science Communication Projects is to help to bring science closer to the general public, communicate science, research achievements and the achievements of researchers, as well as raise interest in science and the profession of a researcher and engineer.

Among other aspects, we also support activities which are designed to generate interest in STEM among younger school students, to promote the use of Estonian language in research, and introduce interdisciplinary fields of research.

The deadline for submission is March 2, 2020.

The total budget for 2020 call is €152,820. There are no upper or lower limits for the project budget, but we intend to fund at least 20-30 projects.


Who can participate?
All individuals and legal entities who communicate science in Estonia can submit their applications.

Applications may be submitted in following fields:

  1. Natural sciences
  2. Engineering and technology
  3. Medical and Health sciences
  4. Agricultural sciences
  5. Social sciences
  6. Humanities
  7. Interdisciplinary.

Applications may be submitted in following categories:

Applications may be submitted in following categories:

  • activities for communicating science to younger school students;
  • science communication activities organized by (university) students;
  • audio-visual educational materials and/or purchasing and/or creating small-scale exhibits;
  • publication of popular science books (eg printing, design, etc. NB! The authors fee is not eligible cost);
  • public events for communicating science to general public.

Applications do not have a set form but following information has to be presented:

  1. The general aim and a detailed description of the planned activities.
  2. The schedule for planned activities in months (max duration 12 months).
  3. Description of the target groups, communication plan (how the target groups will be reached).
  4. The potential impact on society and justification of the project activities.
  5. The applicants’ previous experience in science communication.
  6. Overview of previous activities (if applying for development or repetition of previously funded project(s)).
  7. The budget (as detailed as possible) including also all other possible supporters and funding sources.
  8. In the category “publication of popular science books” two letters of recommendation are required, one from the expert of the field and the other from the member of the target audience of the book.

All documents have to be submitted electronically through the website – (the web is open for submissions 25.01-2.03.2020).

Previously funded projects can be viewed here (information in Estonian).

Additional information:

Katrin Saart