Post-doctoral researcher

A postdoctoral research grant is a grant to support launching a research career of persons with a doctoral degree or equivalent qualification at strong research and development institutions or high level research groups.

A person can apply for funding if he/she has been awarded a doctoral degree or an equivalent qualification within the past five years as of the deadline for the submission of grant applications.


The call for funding personal and post-doctoral research in 2017 will open on 1 April 2018 and close at 17:00 hours Estonian time on 30 April 2018. Information and related documentation can be found from the Call 2018 page.

In 2018 only outgoing postdoctoral grant can be applied for. Incoming postdoctoral grant can be applied for from the Mobilitas Pluss programme.

Siret Rutik
Head of Department of Reseach Funding
+371 731 7381