National Contest for University Students

The aim of the national contest for university students is to promote research among university students, stimulate them to be more active and to acknowledge students who have achieved outstanding results with their thesis, study, research or scientific publication.

The award winners of the 2019 contest were announced on 12 December 2019, look at the photo gallery of the event HERE!

The names of the winners are given in Estonian, please click the link below:

2019. aasta konkursi preemiasaajate nimekiri

On the photo (photographer Hendrik Osula): the winners of the main prize Rebekka Lotman and Marek Mooste

The next contest will be opened in July 2020 with the submission deadline of 15 September 2020!

The contest is open for all students studying in Estonia (including foreign students studying in Estonia) and Estonian citizens studying abroad. Research papers can be submitted on all university levels: applied higher education and bachelor’s studies; master’s studies; doctoral studies and in all fields of research:

Bio and Environmental Sciences;
Culture and Society;
Health Sciences;
Natural Sciences and Engineering

Objectives of the contest are to:

  • raise appreciation for R&D among the students
  • stimulate the activities of students in the field of R&D
  • acknowledge students and groups of students who have achieved outstanding results in R&D

Read about participation and requirements.

The award fund is 77 277,79 euros in total:

  • students following bachelor’s or professional degree programmes: 1st prize 960 euros, 2nd prize 650 euros, 3rd prize 320 euros;
  • master’s students: 1st prize 1600 euros, 2nd prize 1300 euros, 3rd prize 700 euros;
  • doctoral students: 1st prize 1600 euros, 2nd prize 1300 euros, 3rd prize 700 euros;
  • 3 special prizes of the President of Estonian Academy of Sciences, 5497,79 euros in total;
  • up to 2 special prizes of fund for constitutional law of Estonian Academy of Sciences, 2300 euros in total;
  • up to 2 special prizes of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the fields of international relations, foreign affairs, development cooperation, cyber security or other fields managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1500 euros in total;
  • up to 6 special prizes of Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs in the fields of social affairs, labour and health, 3400 euros in total;
  • up to 4 special prizes of Estonian National Heritage Board in the field of cultural heritage or fields closely connected to that, 1600 euros in total;
  • a special prize of the Foundation of Marine Culture of Captain Uno Laur for the best research paper in the field of maritime affairs, 1000 euros in total

The special prizes conferred by President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences are as follows:

  • students following bachelor’s or professional degree programmes: special prize for auspicious scintillating sparks – π×250=785.40 euros;
  • doctoral or master’s students: 1st special prize for the most elegant student research paper – π×1000=3141.59 euros; 2nd special prize for an unconventional student research paper –  π×500=1570.80 euros.

In addition, the competition awards two main prizes (a 3600 euros) irrespective of the fields of research and levels of education.


Sirli Taniloo
mobile +372 526 0562

Terje Tuisk
mobile +372 511 0356

The contest is organized in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research