The “Estonian Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2019” is now available

The Estonian Research Council has published the “Estonian Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2019”. The publication provides an overview of the research infrastructures which have the most importance and those that will have the greatest impact on Estonia over the coming years.

The Estonian government approved the updated research infrastructure roadmap in February this year. The publication provides an overview of objects in the roadmap list, separated by specific fields.

“Preparing a roadmap is one of the most difficult and responsible tasks for us, because the objects there have a long-term impact on Estonian science,” said Andres Koppel, Chairman of the Board of the Research Council.

In her foreword, the Minister of Education and Research, Mailis Reps, says that the roadmap is a gateway to both the research sectors of Estonia and also those throughout Europe: “Conducting excellent research requires access to varied research environments. Nowadays, creating suitable conditions in Estonia is not sufficient:  above all, we need international cooperation.“

In his foreword, Kristjan Haller, Chairman of the Research Infrastructure Committee, describes the updating process of the roadmap, which started last year, stating, “All in all, it is great to see that the roadmap’s eight years of activity in providing research infrastructures with additional funding from European Union structural funds has produced tangible results, facilitated cooperation and improved competitiveness in both research and the economy and opened up new international opportunities for Estonia”.

The roadmap serves as input for future strategic decisions and makes it easier to consider national priorities while making funding decisions. The proposal for this was prepared by the Research Council.

The roadmap is supplemented regularly, in cycles lasting 3-4 years. The current roadmap is the third, with previous ones having been made in 2010 and 2014.

Research infrastructures are tools and the conditions, expertise, methods, materials, activities and services related thereto, are used for research and development.

The publication was published in cooperation with the Estonian Research Council and the Ministry of Education and Research. An online-version of the publication is avaliable here.

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