Overview Estonian Research 2019 is now also available in English

The present publication follows the Estonian Reserach 2016 that was well received in 2017.

Similartly to the pervious overview, Estonian Research 2019 includes four comprehensive articles supported by relevant statistics. The first two explore the resources needed for conducting scientific research: monetary and human resources. The next two articles describe the performance of Estonian research through publishing activity and the socio-economic impact of research on its economy. The second part of the overview consists of short articles on the current topical research policy issues.

The online-version of the publication is avaliable on the webpage of Estonian Research Council together with the data presented and the printed one could be received from the office of Estonian Research Council.

More information:
Kadri Raudvere, R&D Analyst, phone  730 0377, e-mail: kadri.raudvere@etag.ee