The television series “At the Top of the Pyramid” and “Rocket 69”

The television series “At the Top of the Pyramid” (“Püramiidi tipus”) and “Rocket 69” (“Rakett69”)

 New television series on science and technology


As of 15 January 2011, ETV1 began broadcasting “At the Top of the Pyramid”, a science program financed by the TeaMe programme, and “Rocket 69”, a science adventure for the young.

The series “At the Top of the Pyramid” is intended for the viewing pleasure of a wide audience in order to broaden and clarify our world view, so that we could understand the process happening around us and see the connexions and choices towards which the world is developing. In addition, we endeavour to answer the questions: how does science affect the average person and in what way does the work of scientists better our lives?

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Rocket 69” is a thrilling competitive science program, where 12 talented young people compete for a scholarship of 10.000 euros. Under the scrutiny of a panel of three judges and the viewer, the hopeful scientists-to-be resolve complex, humorous, and tricky tasks that are not taught at school.

Episodes of the series available on the ETV web page:

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The series was filmed in the second half of 2011 and the episodes of the second season were broadcasted from January 2012. The episodes are available at the ETV archive (use the search).