Estonian Center for Genomics

Name of the Research Infrastructure (RI)

Estonian Center for Genomics

Acronym of the RI


Website of the RI

Location (address) of the RI

Estonian Biobank, University of Tartu; Estonian Biocentre / Riia mnt 23b, Tartu

Scientific domain(s) of the RI

Biological and Medical Sciences

Type of RI

Single-sited / distributed

Research Services at the RI


Access to Estonian Biobank sources;

Access to Biobank samples, donor’s health, phenotype and genotype data,   incl. the genealogy data.

Equipment at the RI


IT infrastucture

Whole software set with several modules with specific task to collect additional data from gene donors and to provide data for scientists in user-friendly way.



Number of national users per year: 300

Number of European users per year: 100

Number of international users per year: 50

Year of start of operation

(i.e. Status and Status Date)

Status: Being upgraded

Since: 2011

Key words

Genome studies, biobanks, personilized medicine.

Description of the RI


Estonian Centre for Genomics (ECG) combines a population-based biobank and an infrastructure for genomics studies. The ECG is a genomics hub to the Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI ERIC).

Hosting Organisation

Estonian Biocentre / University of Tartu

Contact email

Mait Metspalu