Estonian Research Council offers researchers short term study visits to ERC grant holders

Researchers who are interested in applying for ERC grants can apply for support for short term study visits to current ERC grant holders. Estonian Research Council reimburses the costs of a study visit lasting up to seven days. The aim of the visit is to learn from the grant holders how to write successful grant proposals.

The open call for applications for study visits will open in October 5. The end of the open call is November 6 at 5 p.m. The researcher who is planning a study visit should already have vision of one’s own grant proposal which should be submitted in next two years. Learning from the experience of a current ERC grant holder should help him/her in finishing the proposal.

Applications for study visits can be submitted in Estonian Research Information System (ETIS). To open the application form one should send an email to Mobilitas Pluss consultant Margus Harak ( To find the current grant holder to visit one can ask help from the R&D Department of one’s research institution or from Estonian Research Council.

During upcoming open call for applications we are planning to support study visits of five researchers. The costs of the visit will be reimbursed to one’s research institution based on actual expenses after the visit. The approximate cost of one study visit is up to 1500 euros.

The decision to approve or disapprove researcher’s study visit application will be made during November 2017. In case the funding decision is made the applicant has nine month to go to the study visit.

The short term study visits to ERC grant holders are funded by Mobilitas Pluss programme from the budget of European Development Fund and Estonian state.

Guideline for submitting the application for study visit support and how it is evaluated (in Estonian)

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Margus Harak, PhD
Mobilitas Pluss Consultant
Estonian Research Council
7 317 343