Estonian Research Council (ETAG) together with the Estonian Academy of Sciences, the University of Tartu (incl. Tartu Observatory), Tallinn University of Technology, the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Education and Youth Board, Tallinn University, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Business School and Tartu Welcome Centre is a member of the EURAXESS – The European Services Network. The network has been set up by the European Commission in close cooperation with the participating countries, with the aim to provide up-to-date information and customised assistance to researchers and their families in all matters relating to their mobility experience as well as for researchers in their career progression. At present, the network has more than 600 members in 44 countries.

The general mission of the network includes information and assistance in relocation matters, such as entry conditions, visas, work permits, recognition of diplomas, job opportunities, salaries, taxation, pension rights, health care, social security, accommodation, day care, schooling, language courses, access to the culture of the host country. Since 2021, its members are also developing more broad services for career development support for researchers.

The EURAXESS Jobs portal and national EURAXESS portals have been set up to improve access to mobility and career related information. ETAG maintains the Estonian EURAXESS portal targeted at researchers and students intending to work or do their PhD studies in Estonia. Information and all the contacts of EURAXESS Estonia network members can be found on the subpage of our Estonian network. We also provide useful materials, information about funding and training possibilities open for researchers working in Estonia at our LinkedIn page.

On spring 2023, ETAG became a partner in the European-wide network project ERA Talent (lasting for 3 years), that provides all the participating countries with a possibility to enhance their services. In this project learning, networking and exchange possibilities are provided also to Estonian EURAXESS network member institutions as well as directly for the researchers community. The most current possibilities occuring in the project at any time will be also shared on our LinkedIn page.

The country coordinator and main contact for Estonian EURAXESS network at Estonian Research Council:

Estonian Research Council
Soola 8, 51013 TARTU, Estonia
Adviser: Siiri Kolka
Tel: +372 730 0338