Contact in Estonia

Katrin Kello
COST Estonian national coordinator

Tel: +372 731 7361


Founded in 1971, COST, or European Cooperation in Science and Technology, is Europe’s oldest intergovernmental cooperation in the field. With the support of the Horizon Programme and the member countries, COST helps to bring together researchers and practitioners from many countries and from all fields of research and technology. COST does this through research and innovation networks, or COST Actions (projects) that help to connect existing research initiatives, and to open new R&I avenues. Estonia joined COST in 1997.

COST Actions are bottom-up networks (projects) with a duration of four years. Their aim is to boost research, innovation and careers. Through them, COST Association does not fund research and innovation itself, but rather the expenses of networking: for example organising meetings, training schools, short term scientific missions (STSMs), and similar. COST also covers certain publication costs.

New action proposals are collected through Open Calls once or twice a year.

COST rules for applicants as well as for running actions are explained on the COST Documents and Guidelines page.

Please read about various aspects of COST on COST website, or contact the National Coordinator (contact details below).

Recordings and presentations from the COST Estonian info day on 16 November 2021 are available HERE