Young Scientists’ Festival

Young Scientists’ Festival in April is a major event with the focus on young people and science.
Young Scientists’ Festival includes the final judging round of the National Contest for Young Scientists with poster presentations, the Award Ceremony of the Contest, Elementary School Science Projects and a huge amount of other interesting activities related to young people and science.

Who is welcome to visit the Young Scientists’ Festival?
• Students at upper secondary level and vocational schools, teachers who are involved in research projects at school, class teachers
• Students and supervisors from extracurricular STEM clubs
• Families, friends and acquaintances of students
• Researchers and stuff from universities and other organisations and companies
• Everybody who is interested in STEM-related activities

Why should you come?
• Students who are working on or planning a research project either in primary or secondary school, will get a good overview of the research subjects, contents, methods used, and the possibilities of drawing conclusions and presenting results
• Teachers who supervise research projects get an overview of the methodology used in the submitted contest papers, the choice and level of the projects
• When studying the projects of elementary school students it becomes clear that research activities are possible even from the very first years at school
• For younger students, the intense and interesting festival programme offers contacts with various fields of STEM and enriches their learning with the extra-curricular environment
• It is possible to get acquainted with different activities of science communicators, which target young people to raise their interest to STEM

Additional information:
Katrin Olt,