Performance of Estonia in EU framework programmes for research and technological development

The following page gives an overview how Estonia has performed in framework programmes (mostly Horizon 2020) focusing on received financial contributions from the EU and success rates compared to EU countries.

The datasets are available: Datasets: framework programmes

Please refer to the sources (including Estonian Research Council)!

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3.1. European Commission financial contribution to Estonia (million euros) 2007-2018

Source: eCORDA, cut-off date 15.04.2019 (data extracted: 15.05.2019).

3.2. Success rates in proposals by country in H2020 (by the end of 2018)

The success rates are based on the ratio of all funded projects and project proposals (%) starting from the launching of Horizon 2020 in 2014.

Source: eCORDA, cut-off date 15.04.2019 (data extracted: 16.05.2019).

3.3. EU financial contribution in retained proposals to applications in relation to GDP compared to EU28 average (by the end of 2018)

The the graph shows EU financial contribution to EU countries where each value is normalised to a value of 100% (where EU28=100%).

Sources: eCORDA, cut-off date 15.04.2019 (data extracted: 15.05.2019) & Eurostat,  data extracted 07.05.2019 (GDP from 2018). Calculations by Estonian Research Council.

3.4. EU financial contribution to all participations from Estonia from H2020 (by the end of 2018) (MEUR)

* Used abbreviations are explained in the table at the end of page.

Source: eCORDA, cut-off date 15.04.2019 (data extracted: 15.05.2019). Calculations by Estonian Research Council.

3.5. European Commission contribution to top 20 Estonian participants in H2020 (enterprises marked violet)

Nr. Organisation Number of participations
EU financial contribution (million euros)
1 University of Tartu 91 33.81
2 Tallinn Technical University 38 13.69
3 Graanul Biotech OÜ 1 10.50
4 Tallinn University 19 9.13
5 Tartu City Government 1 5.41
6 Estonian University of Life Sciences 12 4.72
7 Estonian Research Council 38 3.52
8 Optofluid Technologies OÜ 2 2.87
9 ANF Development OÜ 2 2.84
10 Skeleton Technologies OÜ 2 2.54
11 Elcogen AS 3 2.19
12 Cybernetica AS 7 2.17
13 Guardtime AS 4 1.83
14 Institute of Baltic Studies 5 1.74
15 Advanced Sports Installations Europe AS 2 1.67
16 Sentab Estonia OÜ 1 1.64
17 Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication 7 1.56
18 Lingvist Technologies OÜ 1 1.56
19 Mobi Solutions OÜ 2 1.44
20 Civitta Eesti AS 8 1.42

Source: eCORDA, cut-off date 15.04.2019 (data extracted: 09.04.2019).

Estonian Research Council (similarly to the Ministry of Econimic Affairs and Communication) participates at the Horizon 2020 projects in order to receive funding for different research projects  that in turn aplifiy the participation of framework programmes and increase international research cooperation (for example: organising public events/trainings/conferences for researchers, supporting international collaboration, participation from international networks, creating study programmes and materials, organising competitions). From 38 projects Estonian Research Council has participated or is continuously participating, 19 (1.5 million euros) are projects directly supporting reserach cooperation (funding goes to researchers) and 19 (1.91 million euros) are networking projects (funding for the European Union competition for young researchers, better organization or coordination of the Estonian Research Council, eg NCP projects and others).

*List of abbreviations:

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