Water JPI 2018 Joint Call Webinar

Date: 12 March 2018 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM

There will be two sessions:

Click on the link above (Webinar A or Webinar B) for registration to the Webinar you would like to participate in.

Each session will start with a 20-25 min. presentation. This will be followed by 1.5 h. open for questions from attendees in written form. Answers will be given through audio.

More information will be made available after the webinar sessions.

In case you are interested in networking and/or looking for partners to form consortia in the frame of the Joint Call, you are kindly invited to fill the following online Survey for Applicants

WaterJPI2018 Joint Call – Survey for Applicants 1

If the main link doesn’t allow you to fill in the Survey, (max. number of entries reached), try the following

WaterJPI2018 Joint Call – Survey for Applicants 2

The information collected via the Survey will be made available to registered contacts after the webinar.

More information on 2018 Joint Call website or through the Water JPI 2018 Joint Call Secretariat: ww17@formas.se Kristina Laurell – Swedish Research Council Formas.