The 2018 Mobilitas Pluss call for applications will open in January

The Estonian Research Council (ETAg) will open the next Mobilitas Pluss call for postdoctoral and returning researcher grants on 1 January 2018. The call will be open until 31 January 2018 (17:00 EET). The grant amount for the research projects will be bigger than in previous years, but the relocation allowance is going to be smaller. Also there will be an obligation for the researcher to work at the host institution with certain work load.

The amount of the grant will raise to 42 500 euros per year for experimental and 40 000 euros per year for non-experimental projects.

The relocation allowance will be 4 000 euros for projects shorter than two years and 5 500 euros for two-year projects.

The postdoctoral fellows and returning researchers will have to work for the host institution with at least 0.75 work load (not necessarily for the project) and the work location is Estonia.


Results in June 2018

ETAg is planning to fund approximately 20 postdoctoral researcher and 10 returning researcher projects during the call 2018.

The results of the call will be made available in June 2018 and the projects should start within one year after the funding decision is made. The postdoctoral fellows need to have their PhD-s defended by the time the grant agreement will be signed.

There will be no more calls for the top researcher grant applications from the Mobilitas Pluss programme.

The Mobilitas Pluss Programme is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Estonian government.


Additional information:

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