Proof-of-Concept Grant

A proof-of-concept (PoC) grant is a competency-based research funding instrument for experimental development in order to test and/or create conditions for the commercialization of research outcomes. Experimental development is systematic work, drawing on knowledge gained from research and practical experience and producing additional knowledge, which is directed to producing new products or processes or to improving existing products or processes. The proof-of-concept grant is aimed to enhance technology transfer, application of research outcomes in enterprises and in society, as well as strengthen the societal and economic impact of research.

Prerequisite for applying proof-of-concept grant is the previous research of the applicant, in which technology readiness level at least 4 has been achieved (descriptions of TRL adapted for Social sciences, and Humanities and Arts). Funding period of a proof-of-concept grant is up to one year and the maximum amount is 100 000 euros.

In 2020 there will not be a call for new proof-of-concept applications.


Regulations for 2019 call

Conditions of and Procedure for Proof-of-Concept Grant Applications

Guidelines for Evaluating Proof-of-Concept Grant Applications

Guidelines for Budgeting Proof-of-Concept Grant Application (chapter 4)

Application Form Template for Proof-of-Concept Grant Application

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