Results of call 2019

Team projects
First Name Last Name Title of the project Institution
Aleksander Rebane Femtosecond multiphotonics: From quantitative spectroscopy to quantum optics National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Aleksandr Luštšik Effects of doping and nanostructuring on radiation resistance of spinel-structured optical compounds University of Tartu
Aleksandr Žarkovski Exploration of the therapeutic potential of the active vitamin D analogues: focus on the mood disorders and obesity University of Tartu
Alvo Aabloo Microscale electroactive polymer materials actuators and sensors fabrication and integration University of Tartu
Anneli Kolk Power of Integrated Modern Technology in Pediatric Neurorehabilitation: Multitouch-Multiuser TableTop and Virtual Reality Platforms for Remediation of Social and Cognitive Deficit in Children (PowerVR) University of Tartu
Arnold Kristjuhan Regulation of DNA replication initiation and transcription-coupled genomic stability in budding yeast. University of Tartu
Arvet Pedas Theoretical and numerical analysis of differential equations with fractional order derivatives, integral equations and ill-posed problems University of Tartu
Arvi Freiberg New Insights into Photosynthetic Excitations Enabled by High-pressure Perturbation Spectroscopy University of Tartu
Aveliina Helm Landscape-scale biodiversity restoration and time-lags in ecosystem functions (RESTFUNC) University of Tartu
Dagmar Kutsar Vulnerability in childhood and vulnerable subjectivity: interdisciplinary comparative perspective University of Tartu
Dominique Peer Ghislain Dr Unruh Secure Quantum Technology University of Tartu
Ebe Merilo Stomatal regulation due to reduced air humidity and its links to abscisic acid and temperature University of Tartu
Eduard Petlenkov Intelligent Control Systems for Industry 4.0 Tallinn University of Technology
Eero Vasar Potential biomarkers for the diagnosis, prognosis, and evaluation of treatment impact for first episode psychosis and schizophrenia spectrum disorders: translational approach University of Tartu
Enn Lust Development of express analysis methods for micro-mesoporous materials for Estonian peat derived carbon supercapacitors University of Tartu
Eva Piirimäe Self-Determination of Peoples in Historical Perspective University of Tartu
Fabrizio Maria Maggi Prescriptive Monitoring of Business Processes University of Tartu
Gerson Klumpp The grammar of discourse particles in Uralic University of Tartu
Heikki Junninen Molecular level understanding on how atmosphere transforms the new-born air ions to climatically relevant aerosol particles in clean and polluted environments. University of Tartu
Ilona Oja Açik Antimony chalcogenide thin films for next-generation semi-transparent solar cells applicable in electricity producing windows Tallinn University of Technology
Irina Blinova Technology-critical elements: potential ecotoxicological effects of application National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Irina Hussainova Bio-replicating Engineering Structures for Tribo-applications (BEST) Tallinn University of Technology
Ivar Annus Decentralized real-time control platform for urban drainage systems in climate proof smart cities (DEPART) Tallinn University of Technology
Ivika Ostonen-Märtin The functional adaptation of root-rhizobiome in climate and land use change and its effect on root nutrient foraging and soil nutrient cycling in subarctic and boreal ecosystems University of Tartu
Ivo Leito The Unified pH Scale: from Concept to Applications University of Tartu
Jaan Kers Wood-bio-based adhesive systems design for enhancing the materials performance in sustainable veneer-based products from underutilized wood species Tallinn University of Technology
Jaanus Remme Ribosomal RNA modifications in peptide bond formation University of Tartu
Jan Villemson New technologies in voting Cybernetica AS
Kaido Tammeveski Efficient catalyst materials for electrochemical energy technology related applications University of Tartu
Kaire Innos Optimizing cancer care and outcomes: a population-based real-world approach National Institute for Health Development
Kairi Kreegipuu Pre-attentive information processing in the brain: relationship to state and trait variables, and behaviour University of Tartu
Kaja Kasemets Antimicrobial chitosan-nanocomposites for biomedical applications: efficiency and safety National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Karin Kogermann Development of multifunctional antimicrobial peptides releasing drug delivery systems for the prevention and treatment of skin and wound infections University of Tartu
Kaupo Kukli Resistive switching in artificially designed materials for data processing University of Tartu
Kristi Kuljus Statistical modelling with hidden Markov models and model validation University of Tartu
Kristjan Juhani Composites “ceramics – Fe alloy” for a wide range of application conditions Tallinn University of Technology
Lassi Juhani Päivärinta Direct and inverse scattering problem for singular and non-local media Tallinn University of Technology
Lauri Mälksoo Russia and the Consolidation of Regional International Law in Eurasia University of Tartu
Leho Tedersoo Drivers of taxonomic and functional diversity of soil microbes under global change University of Tartu
Madis Ratassepp Quantitative imaging methods and efficient signal processing algorithms for ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation Tallinn University of Technology
Maia Kivisaar Molecular mechanisms of evolution of bacteria under stressful conditions University of Tartu
Marco Kirm Advancing performance of fast luminescence materials by band structure engineering University of Tartu
Margus Lember ‘Sarcopenia in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: biomarker analysis, associations with comorbidities and gut microbiota University of Tartu
Mario Kadastik Preparing the CMS experiment for high luminosity operations through trigger improvements National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Martti Raidal Multi-Messenger Probes of Dark Matter National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Meelis Pärtel Observed and dark diversity of plant communities within the global network DarkDivNet: variation across natural and anthropogenic gradients and potential applications University of Tartu
Oleksandr Husev New Generation of High-Performance Power Electronic Converters Simultaneously Applicable for DC and AC Grids with Extended Functionalities Tallinn University of Technology
Peeter Nõges Unravelling the ‘black box’ of organic phosphorus in catchment-lake system Estonian University of Life Sciences
Pille Taba Peripheral nervous system involvement in Parkinson’s disease University of Tartu
Priit Vahter Innovation Complementarities and Productivity Growth University of Tartu
Raili Marling Imagining crisis ordinariness: discourse, literature and image University of Tartu
Rainis Haller Extremal geometric structure of Banach spaces with applications to the study of Lipschitz function spaces, Lipschitz free spaces, and tensor products University of Tartu
Raivo Uibo Immune mechanisms in adulthood diabetes University of Tartu
Reedik Mägi Development and application of genetic risk prediction algorithms for personalised healthcare in the era of large-scale genomics University of Tartu
Riho Gross Genomic basis of adaptation to extreme environment of humic lakes in Eurasian perch Estonian University of Life Sciences
Sergei Preis Innovative energy-efficient abatement of aqueous and airborne hazardous pollutants combining pulsed corona discharge plasma with catalysis/photocatalysis Tallinn University of Technology
Tiina Nõges Nitrogen in lakes – new perspectives and challenges for winter limnology Estonian University of Life Sciences
Toomas Rang CogniFlow-Cyte: Kognitiivne kiiplaborsüsteem automatiseeritud voolutsütomeetria tarbeks Tallinn University of Technology
Toomas Tammaru Comparative studies on insects: focus on body size University of Tartu
Triinu Remmel VOC-based signaling in plants under herbivory and competition Estonian University of Life Sciences
Tõnis Kanger Development and application of sustainable methods of asymmetric synthesis Tallinn University of Technology
Tõnis Timmusk Regulation of activity-dependent gene expression in the nervous system Tallinn University of Technology
Tõnu Meidla Tracing the origins of early Paleozoic stable carbon isotope excursions – global, regional and local drivers University of Tartu
Ulrike Plath Estonian Environmentalism in the 20th century: ideology, discourses, practices Tallinn University
Urmas Lips The role of sub-mesoscale processes in structuring and large-scale dynamics of oceanographic fields Tallinn University of Technology
Urmas Nagel Sub-THz range polar Kerr spectroscopy of chiral superconductors National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Urmas Nõmmik The Emergence of the Biblical Book of Job on the Backdrop of the so-called Job Literature University of Tartu
Veiko Uri The effect of different harvesting methods on ecosystem carbon budget: shelterwood cutting versus clear-cut Estonian University of Life Sciences
Virve Sarapik Patterns of Development in Estonian Culture of the Transition Period (1986–1998) Estonian Academy of Arts
Ülo Valk Vernacular Interpretations of the Incomprehensible: Folkloristic Perspectives Towards Uncertainty University of Tartu
Start-up projects
First Name Last Name Title of the project Institution
Agne Velthut-Meikas Regulation of gene expression in ovarian granulosa cells and its role in fertility Tallinn University of Technology
Alisa Pankova Logic Programming Engine as Secure Multiparty Computation Application (LESCA) Cybernetica AS
Andero Uusberg Psychological mechanisms of emotion regulation with reappraisal University of Tartu
Andres Kurg Forecast and Fantasy in Late Soviet Architecture Estonian Academy of Arts
Anton Rassõlkin Digital twin for propulsion drive of autonomous electric vehicle Tallinn University of Technology
Arvo Kaldmäe Event-Based Control Strategies Based on Differential Flatness Tallinn University of Technology
Aurele Toussaint Toward an optimization of the functional diversity approaches of freshwater fish: historical patterns and impact of human activities University of Tartu
Christian Pfeifer Momentum dependent spacetime geometries: Traces of quantum gravity and fields in media University of Tartu
Ester Oras Pots and bones, lipids and proteins: biomolecular archaeology for ancient dietary studies University of Tartu
Hanna Hõrak Improving plant productivity and water use efficiency via simultaneous modification of stomatal density, aperture and photosynthesis University of Tartu
Hanno Evard Beyond paper-based microfluidics: towards real-world applications University of Tartu
Jasper Adamson Functional cavitands for drug discovery and delivery National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Johann Langemets The big slice phenomena in Banach spaces with applications to the study of Lipschitz spaces University of Tartu
Kaspar Tootsi Cardiovascular And MEtabolic Risk after Arthroplasty: the CAMERA study University of Tartu
Kaur Alasoo Inferring gene regulatory networks from large-scale gene expression and genotype datasets University of Tartu
Lauri Aarik Formation and stabilization of high-density hard phases of optical materials in thin-film structures University of Tartu
Mario Plaas GLP1 receptor agonist Liraglutide and NRF2 activator RTA-408 therapy to relieve neurodegenerative symptoms in rat model of Wolfram syndrome University of Tartu
Martin Thalfeldt New generation dynamic sizing methods for heating and cooling systems in intermittently operated buildings Tallinn University of Technology
Mihkel Kõrgesaar Computational tool for novel crashworthy ship structures Tallinn University of Technology
Rocio Rojas Hernandez Enhanced and wavelength-tunable luminescence in nanostructured phosphor films (EWALUNFILMs) Tallinn University of Technology
Siim Pikker The role of phonons and the exciton reservoir in the energy transfer of strongly coupled excitonic systems for low threshold laserlike light sources University of Tartu
Souhaib Oueslati Kesterite CZTSSe monograins for photoelectrochemical water splitting and photovoltaic applications Tallinn University of Technology
Tuul Sepp Ecotoxicological view on the evolution of cancer defences: a study of adaptations to oncogenic environment with Baltic Sea flounders (Platichthys spp) University of Tartu
Postdoctoral projects
First Name Last Name Title of the project Institution
Aigar Ottas The use of genetic, metabolomic and clinical biomarkers through machine-learning modeling to assess the risk and predictability for the onset of cardiovascular diseases University of Tartu
Aleksandr Klepinin A new therapeutic strategy to eradicate cancer stem cells (CSCs) in breast cancer National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Hanna Vihma Developing a preclinical approach for gene therapy of Pitt-Hopkins syndrome Tallinn University of Technology
Jaanus Liigand DeepMet: Applying deep learning for metabolite identification University of Tartu
Joonas Pärn The geochemical evolution and travel times of agricultural nitrate pollution in groundwater and its influence on the status of groundwater dependent surface water bodies Tallinn University of Technology
Margot Sepp Water column ammonium dynamics and interactions with organic matter lability in eutrophic lakes Estonian University of Life Sciences
Maris Alver Disease pathway-dependent partitioning of the genome-wide polygenic risk score of coronary heart disease University of Tartu
Marju Tamm Changes in the role of picoplankton in lakes in a warmer world Estonian University of Life Sciences
Marko Kass Behavioural and social biomarkers for disease detection in calves Estonian University of Life Sciences
Marta Berholts Photoinduced effects in atomic and molecular systems University of Tartu
Martin Aidnik The university as a public site for public sociology Tallinn University
Mihkel Ilisson Synthesis of redox-switchable rotaxanes and their deposition to gold surfaces University of Tartu
Miina Norvik Continuity and change in Finnic language structure in the light of language contact University of Tartu
Priit Eek Structural studies of chromatin complexes Tallinn University of Technology
Rain Kipper Dark matter inference from stellar stream asymmetry University of Tartu
Rasmus Palm Neutron scattering and muon-spin rotation methods for the investigation of the hydrogen storage ability of complex metal hydride/carbon composite materials University of Tartu
Reet Hiiemäe The dynamics of belief-driven fears and protection: from mass hysterias to subjective wellbeing Estonian Literary Museum
Sambeet Mishra Optimal planning and operation of multiple energy systems in a Virtual Power Plant Tallinn University of Technology
Silver Sepp Next generation redox flow batteries with solid boosters University of Tartu
Triin Lauri The policies, politics and distributional effects of education: the routes and challenges of Baltic skill regimes in the European context: EduPolB3 Tallinn University
Ülo Reimaa Lax monoidal structures and problems in a semi-abelian setting University of Tartu