Results of call 2018

Postdoctoral projects (PUTJD)

First name Surname Project title Institution
Merle Muru Coastal Change: modelling submerged landscapes and prehistoric human colonisation of the southern North Sea basin University of Tartu
Sirgi Saar Genetic diversity effects on competition, plant-plant recognition and their feedback on ecosystem properties University of Tartu
Maksim Ošeka Photocatalytic Site-Selective C(sp3)-H Amination in Continuous Flow Tallinn University of Technology
Heiki Erikson Determination of temperature and pH effects for oxygen reduction reaction University of Tartu
Kaido Lätt Singular fractional integro-differential equations University of Tartu
Aigar Niglas Emission of greenhouse gases from rewetted cut-away peatland and its dependence on vegetation type University of Tartu
Kristjan Pilt A new optical sensor development for online monitoring of cerebrospinal fluid pulsations in neonatal hydrocephalus Tallinn University of Technology
Sander Pajusalu Near-coding DNA variations as the causal factors for rare genetic disorders University of Tartu
Mart Kals The role of rare and low frequency variants in coronary artery disease and their effects on life-course health events University of Tartu
Maria Tamm The effects of mental fatigue on physical performance: the role of perception of effort University of Tartu
Tiia Drenkhan Biocontrol efficiency in forestry modified by fungal viruses Estonian University of Life Sciences
Krista Lepik The work pace of memory institutions’ professionals in the context of acceleration of social time University of Tartu
Sven-Erik Soosaar Proto-European substrate in the vocabulary of Southern Finnic languages Institute of the Estonian Language
Mari-Liis Madisson Semiotic perspective on the analysis of strategic conspiracy narratives University of Tartu

Start-up projects (PSG)

First name Surname Project title Institution
Velle Toll Pollution tracks in clouds help to understand anthropogenic impacts on Earth’s climate University of Tartu
Santa Veikšina Frizzled receptor systems – lightening the black box with fluorescence methods. University of Tartu
Kaspar Valgepea Large-scale systems-level quantification of gas-fermenting acetogen genotype-phenotype relationships University of Tartu
Angeliki Eirini Chounta Combining Machine-learning and Learning Analytics to provide personalized scaffolding for computer-supported learning activities University of Tartu
Charlie Stark Quantitative sensing of intramolecular electric fields by DNA-intercalating organometallic two-photon probes National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Olli-Pekka Aukusti Smolander Identification of genomic factors affecting wood formation – a genomics approach Tallinn University of Technology
Carlos Perez Carmona Towards a global mapping of adaptive landscapes: the role of functional traits and redundancy on species adaptation and ecosystem functioning. University of Tartu
Villem Aruoja Response of algal communities to toxicants with different modes of action National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Ivar Kruusenberg Metal Oxide-based Catalyst Materials from Recycled Li-ion Batteries for Metal-air Battery and Fuel Cell Applications National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Margus Leppik The biological function of pseudouridines in eukaryotic mRNA University of Tartu
Juha Matti Linnanto Energy transfer in the photosynthetic unit of green sulphur bacterium University of Tartu
Nadežda Kongi New metal–organic coordination network based materials as multifunctional electrocatalysts for energy conversion and storage University of Tartu
Piret Pikma Analysis of novel model surfaces for molecular technology University of Tartu
Alar Konist Effects of activation conditions on preparation of porous carbon from oil shale Tallinn University of Technology
Andrii Chub DC-DC Converters with Ultra-Wide Regulation Range and Post-Fault Operation Capability Tallinn University of Technology
Sofiya Aydinyan Additive manufacturing of super-strong and lightweight ceramics for next generation high temperature compounds Tallinn University of Technology
Taavi Lehto Development of novel antisense oligonucleotides for RNA-targeted splice switching therapy for chronic inflammation University of Tartu
Aleksandr Peet Expanding the profile of continuous glucose monitoring usage in clinical practise University of Tartu
Janek Vilisaar Retinal periphlebitis as a prognostic and subphenotype marker in multiple sclerosis University of Tartu
Klari Noormets Drug resistant epilepsy in childhood: prevalence, stricture and etiology in Estonia University of Tartu
Kerli Mõtus Cow culling and mortality in modern high-yielding dairy herds – a multidisciplinary approach Estonian University of Life Sciences
Karmen Toros Effective participatory discourse: Experiences of participants’ engagement in the context of child protection assessment practices Tallinn University
Pirko Tõugu Autobiographical memory as a multilayered construct: development beyond early childhood and a tool for learning University of Tartu
Geda Paulsen Redefining Estonian parts of speech: a corpus-driven approach Institute of the Estonian Language

Team projects (PRG)

First name Surname Project title Institution
Kristjan Kannike Multi-Messenger Astronomy as a Probe of New Physics National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Tanel Tenson Elucidating protein synthesis-related processes underlying heterogeneity of bacterial populations during infection University of Tartu
Hannes Kollist Unlocking the potential of guard cell CO2 signaling for designing drought-tolerant plants University of Tartu
Jörg Dr Pieper Functionally relevant protein structure and dynamics studied by neutron scattering University of Tartu
Anneli Kruve-Viil Synthesis in charged droplets University of Tartu
Asko Uri Modular construction of organic materials with novel biomedical and luminescent properties University of Tartu
Mart Loog Synthetic multisite phosphorylation circuits for cell factories University of Tartu
Siim Veski Tracking the time-lags of species response to environmental change using palaeo-proxy data and modelling (TrackLag) Tallinn University of Technology
Ülo Niinemets Increasing contribution of cryptogams  to primary productivity of  ecosystems in warmer and more humid climates Estonian University of Life Sciences
Tomi Sebastian Koivisto Gauge gravity: unification, extensions and phenomenology University of Tartu
Kalle Kirsimäe Rise of the Phosphorous: tracing the nutrient dynamics during the oxygenation of the Earth University of Tartu
Gunnar Nurk Novel sulphur-tolerant fuel electrodes for reversible solid oxide cell University of Tartu
Tiit Kutser From micro to global scale – solving scientific problems with remote sensing University of Tartu
Ülo Mander Impact of climate warming and land use dynamics on greenhouse gas fluxes in wetlands from local to global scale University of Tartu
Riina Aav Adaptable supramolecular chirality sensors Tallinn University of Technology
Jaak Truu Oil-degrading microbiome of the Baltic Sea University of Tartu
Christian Veelken Study of Higgs boson production in the decay channel to tau leptons National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Yury Orlovskiy Spectroscopy of entangled states of clusters of rare-earth impurity ions for quantum computing University of Tartu
Vitali Sõritski Molecularly imprinted polymers as sensing materials for medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring Tallinn University of Technology
Targo Kalamees Moisture safety of interior insulation, constructional moisture and thermally efficient building envelope Tallinn University of Technology
Muhammad Mahtab Alam  Closed-loop communication system to support highly responsive neuromuscular assistive stimulation Tallinn University of Technology
Artu Ellmann Development of an iterative approach for near-coast marine geoid modelling by using re-tracked satellite altimetry, in-situ and modelled data Tallinn University of Technology
Pärt Peterson Central immune tolerance University of Tartu
Allen Kaasik Mitochondrial dysfunction in axonal damage University of Tartu
Jaan Eha Functional, metabolomics and genetic profiling of the arterial atherosclerosis. Scientific elaboration of novel risk assessment algorithms to the clinical practice. University of Tartu
Katrin Õunap The diagnostics and prevalence of rare congenital myopathies and neurometabolic disorders. University of Tartu
Kaia Palm Immunity regulation on transcriptional level links metabolic syndrome and perturbed neural function Protobios OÜ
Neeme Tõnisson Evaluation of genetic variants potentially linked to actionable health risks University of Tartu
Tanel Kaart The Genetic Structure and Its Changes in the Estonian Dairy Breeds Over the Recent Decades Estonian University of Life Sciences
Tiit Tammaru Understanding the Vicious Circles of Segregation. A Geographic Perspective University of Tartu
Hannes Palang Landscape approach to rurbanity Tallinn University
Margit Keller Reshaping Estonian energy, mobility and telecommunications systems on the verge of the Second Deep Transition University of Tartu
Anneli Kaasa Up-to-date measures of culture at the country and regional level University of Tartu
Helle Metslang Pragmatics overwrites grammar: subjectivity and intersubjectivity in different registers and genres of Estonian University of Tartu
Marten Seppel Breaking the Ground for Reorganisation. Politico-economic Reason and Advocacy for Change in the Early Modern Baltic Region University of Tartu
Igor  Pilshchikov Around the World and Back Again: A Global Typology of the Reception of Estonian Semiotics Tallinn University
Endla Lõhkivi Philosophical analysis of interdisciplinary research practices University of Tartu
Kalevi Kull Semiotic fitting as a mechanism of biocultural diversity: instability and sustainability in novel environments University of Tartu