NUTIKAS – applied research in smart specialisation growth areas

The conditions for the activity ‘Support for applied research in smart specialisation growth areas’ were approved by the Minister of Education and Research with Regulation No. 40 on 21 August 2015.

The support aims to contribute to growth in the research-intensity of the Estonian economy, supporting collaboration between R&D institutions and companies. Furthermore, the support will help to raise the capabilities of R&D institutions to carry out applied research needed for business in smart specialisation growth areas.

The funding supports companies in commissioning necessary applied research or product development projects from universities or research institutions.

The volume of funding in a call for proposals is up to 9 million euros, the maximum volume of funding per project is 2 million euros, whereas the minimum amount is 20 thousand euros.

Funding is applied for through open calls for proposals organised by the Archimedes Foundation. The Estonian Research Council is assisted by a steering committee that evaluates applications and oversees the support measure overall.


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Viktor Muuli
NUTIPRO Programme Manager
+372 7 300 325