Documents and results

2019 (4. call for applications)

Documents of the open call 2019:

Returning researcher Name of the project Grant amount (€)

Tartu University

1. Maris Hindrikson The assembly of dog and wolf de novo Y chromosome reference genomes and the importance of Y chromosome in the process of dog domestication 90 499,84
2. Johann Langemets Diameter two properties in Lipschitz spaces and in tensor products of Banach spaces 22 166,65
3. Rainer Pärna UV and VUV fragmentation of selected pesticides 90 499,84
4. Mihkel Pajusalu Optical navigation for small solar system body proximity operations and mapping 90 499,84
5. Artjom Vargunin Flux-flow based spintronics in superconducting heterostructures 85 499,92
6. Triin Laisk Characterizing the contribution of DNA rare variants, copy number variants, and placenta histological changes in miscarriage etiopathogenesis 85 499,92
7. Liisa Talving New cleavages in New Europe: deepening conflict over globalisation in Central and Eastern Europe 85 499,92

Tallinn University of Technology

8. Leeli Amon-Veskimeister Lessons of the past climate warming episodes: Changes of the postglacial climate, vegetation and hydrology in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean 90 499,84
9. Sirje Sildever Phytoplankton response to a changing nutrient regime in the sea: tracing silica adaptation in living resting stages from sediment archives 90 499,84
10. Taavi Raadik In situ production of monograin membrane solar cell from lunar regolith 90 499,84

National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics

11. Hardi Veermäe Physics of boson stars and its implications for new physics 85 499,84

National Institute for Health Development

12. Kelli Lehto Depression and dementia in old age: Towards improved differential diagnosis using individual-level genetic data 85 499,84

2018 (3. call for applications)

Documents of the open call 2018:

Guidelines for grant application 2018

Evaluation guidelines 2018

Example application form 2018

Mobilitas Pluss returning researchers 2018:

Returning researcher
Name of the project Grant amount (€)

Tartu University

1. Jaan Pärn Global greenhouse gas balance of arable fields and grasslands on organic soils and gleysols 90 499,84
2. Kaire Toming
Interactions between lake biogeochemical properties and catchment characteristics based on the new earth observation satellites and high-frequency data.
90 499,84
3. Kaspar Valgepea Systems-level quantification of CO2 capture using acetogen gas fermentation 90 499,84
4. Urmo Võsa Fine-mapping causal genetic variants of complex traits by using large-scale eQTL data 85 499,92
5. Elmo Tempel Integral field spectroscopy of galaxies in the cosmic environment 85 499,92
6. Aire Raidvee Probabilistic intuition in human visual perception 90 499,84
7. Uku Vainik Obesity’s behavioural similarities with addictions and mental health conditions 85 499,92
8. Kadri Koorem Interactive effects of land-use related disturbances on the community composition, function and stability of AM fungal communities 90 499,84

Tallinn University of Technology

9. Ott Scheler Droplet microfluidic platform for studying aspects of population heterogeneity in bacteria at single cell level 90 499,84
10. Anti Rohumaa Designed systems for wood-adhesive interaction and performance 90 499,84
11. Martin Thalfeldt Climate impact on the energy balance and cost-optimal design solutions of office buildings in Europe 85 499,92
12. Siim Link Investigation of ash chemistry of the melting process of ashes of biomasses and their blends 84 999,84

Estonian University of Life Sciences

13. Indrek Melts Multifunctional semi-natural communities contribute to sustainable and resilient future 90 499,84

National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics

14. Meelis-Mait Sildoja Nonlinear-optical metrology 90 499,84

2017 (2. call for applications)

Documents of the open call 2017:

Mobilitas Pluss returning researchers 2017:

Returning researcher
Name of the project Grant amount

Tartu University

1. Ago-Erik Riet Mathematical foundations of codes over permutations with applications to flash memories 14 427,50€
2. Andero Uusberg Expectancy-value approach to task engagement 75 800€
3. Indrek Must Electrotextured textiles for soft robotics 75 800€
4. Inga Jüriado Species delimitation, ecological specification and patterns of specificity among symbiotic partners of cyanolichens 75 800€
5. Katrin Uba Showing discontent? Electoral protests and protest mobilization in Estonia, 1991 to present 69 920€
6. Liis Siinor Extraction and separation of rare earth elements from Estonian phosphorite using ionic liquids 75 800€
7. Oliver Meikar Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in male mouse germ line 75 800€
8. Piret Villo Metal-free Arylations of thioamides, and enrichment of platform molecules from biomass by ,,green’’ hypervalent iodine regents – diaryliodonium salts 41 150€
9. Riin Tamme Functional diversity-area relationship: disentangling the roles of dispersal and niche limitation in plant communities 38 210€
10. Katrin Vaino Exploring factors determining gymnasium students’ technology and engineering-related career orientations 75 800€

Tallinn University of Technology

11. Madis Ratassepp Guided wave tomography for structural health monitoring of composite materials 75 800€

National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics

12. Indrek Reile Profiling phosphometabolomic pathways in colorectal cancer by 18O isotope effect assisted 31P NMR spectroscopy 75 800€

2016 (1. call for applications)

Documents of the open call 2016:

Guidelines for grant application 2016
Evaluation guidelines 2016
Example application form 2016

Mobilitas Pluss returning researchers 2016:

Returning researcher Name of the project Grant amount

Estonian University of Life Sciences

41 150 €
1. Mihkel Kiviste Evaluation of impacts of renovation on the durability and indoor environmental quality of multy-apartment buildings in Tartu region 41 150 €

Tallinn University of Technology

193 370 €
2. Aleksei Netšunajev Testing Economic Restrictions in Heteroskedastic Structural Vector Autoregressions 38 210 €
3. Toomas Vaimann Deployment of Digitalization in Operation and Condition Monitoring of Energy Conversion Systems 41 150 €
4. Valle Raidla The origin and fate of radionuclides in the Cambrian-Vendian aquifer system in Estonia 41 150 €
5. Juri Mihhailov Power management in highly efficient and reliable distributed energy harvesting systems in mobile applications 34 650 €
6. Juri Belikov Modeling and low-complexity analysis of large scale power networks 38 210 €

University of Tallinn

114 630 €
7. Liisi Keedus Between the Times”: Embattled Temporalities and Political Imagination in Interwar Europe 38 210 €
8. Mariann Märtsin Strong and capable families? Combining work, family and personal life in families with preschool aged children 38 210 €
9.Erle Rikmann Digital Transnationalism and Social Media: the Processes of Identification of Young Russian-speakers in Estonia and Finland 38 210 €

University of Tartu

370 350 €
10. Kaija Põhako-Esko Developmnt of biocompatible ionic electromechanically active polymer actuator 41 150 €
11. Kersti Jääger Control of stem cell pluripotency by cell cycle phosphorylation switches 41 150 €
12. Edyta Kalinska Time-transport-storminess – an experimental geological study of coastal system 41 150 €
13. Kristina Sohar Climate change from Abies tree rings in the NW Himalayas 41 150 €
14. Kadri Sohar Baltic Late-Pleistocene and Holocene temperature models from the Mutual Ostracod Temperature Range method 41 150 €
15. Pirko Tõugu Effect of Instructions on Children’s Learning and Exploration in a Family Science Center 41 150 €
16. Arto Pulk Memory formation through translation regulation of RNA-granules in Human neurons 41 150 €
17. Karl Kruusamäe Predicting contact task strategy for human-robot physical interaction based on the pose and motion of human hands 41 150 €