Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap

The aim of the Estonian Research Council is to compile and periodically (every 3 years) update the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap, which contains a list of new nationally important research infrastructure units, or of those in need of modernisation. The roadmap is an input to the investment decisions regarding research infrastructures. In addition, it is the task of the Estonian Research Council to coordinate the preparation and implementation of the roadmap objects and other large research infrastructures objects, and to monitor the realisation of the infrastructure objects.

Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap (2010)

Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap (2014)

List of Roadmap objects

Estonian Centre of Analytical Chemistry (ECAC)
Estonian Environmental Observatory
Plant Biology Infrastructure—From Molecules to High-Tech Agriculture
The Optical Backbone Network of Estonian Research and Education
Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure
ELIXIR Estonia—A Distributed Infrastructure for Life-Science Information
Infotechnological Mobility Observatory (IMO)
Estonian e-Repository and Conservation of Collections
Estonian Centre for Genomics
Center of Estonian Language Resources (CELR)
Natural History Archives and Information Network (NATARC)
Nanomaterials—research and applications (NAMUR) / Centre for Nano-Biotechnology and Microfabrication
National Centre for Translational and Clinical Research
Estonian Beamline MAX-IV at the Synchrotron Radiation Source
European Spallation Source (ESSource)
Estonia in the European Social Survey
Estonia’s Membership in the European Space Agency
Estonian Participation in the European Organization for Nuclear Research

Estonian participation in ESFRI Roadmap objects