Scientific advisers at the Ministries and the Government Office: RITA3

ERF logo vertikaalneETAg supports scientific advisers positions at the Ministries and the Government Office. Support for scientific advisers positions aims to improve the Ministries’ capabilities in R&D issues. Every Ministry and Government Office is entitled to apply for reimbursement from ETAg for the costs related to the position of a scientific adviser.

The aim of the position of scientific adviser is to:

  • advise Ministries on matters related to R&D;
  • plan and coordinate R&D cooperation at the national and international level;
  • develope research plans for the Ministry’s area of governing and implement them in cooperation with different parties;
  • represent Estonia in international initatives for R&D cooperation.


Scientific advisers and their contacts:


Ministry of Education and Research Anneli Kährik
Ministry of Defence Kairi Talves
Ministry of the Environment Liis Siinor
  Tuuli Levandi
Ministry of Culture* Aleksandr Aidarov *
Ministry of Agriculuture Siret Talve
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Mikk Vahtrus
Ministry of Finance Reelika Vahopski
Ministry of Interior Kristiina Kütt
Foreign Ministry/Ministry of Social Affairs** Erle Rikmann**
Ministry of Social Affairs Angela Ivask
Ministry of Social Affairs Marju Raju

*The position of scientific adviser in Ministry of Culture is funded form state budget in full amount.

** Scientific adviser has part time job in Ministry of Social Affairs. The position is funded from state budget.