Support for sectoral R&D – RITA

EU_Regional-Development-Fund_horizontalAs part of the activity ‘Strengthening of sectoral R&D (RITA)’, the Estonian Research Council (ETAg) supports the pursuit of socio-economical applied research guided by the needs of the Estonian state in order to increase the role of the state in the strategic steering of research and the capabilities of R&D institutions in carrying out socially relevant research.

The Ministries select the topics for applied research based on their sectoral needs. Research is conducted by R&D institutions. RITA aims to strengthen the capabilities of the Ministries in commissioning applied research needed by the state. Moreover, the programme will improve the capabilities of R&D institutions to conduct such research, thereby further strengthening the collaboration between state and R&D institutions. No basic research will be supported under RITA.

If you wish to have information in English about on-going Calls, please contact Ms Liina Eek,

Applied research is supported by ETAg by means of two activities:

Support for strategic R&D activities aiming to tackle through applied research major interdisciplinary social problems which are faced by society and which are within the jurisdiction of several Ministries. Support is applied for through open calls for proposals organised by ETAg.

Support for knowledge-based policy formulation, which aims to tackle issues of national importance faced by the state that require speedy intervention. Support is applied for through open calls for proposals organised by the Ministries.


Liina Eek
RITA Programme Manager
+372 731 7383
+372 5300 1912