Estonian National Contest for University Students awaits participants

The Estonian Research Council invites students to submit research papers to the national contest. We are waiting for the works until 17 September 2018. Submission of research papers is now officially open on the website of the Estonian Research Council

The aim of the national contest for university students is to promote research among university students, stimulate them to be more active and to acknowledge students who have achieved outstanding results with their thesis, study, research or scientific publication.

“Research contests are a good incentive for students or fresh alumni and an opportunity for testing themselves. The history of students’ research competitions goes far enough. Recalling the names of the authors of the pre-war competition, it turns out that many of them became known scientists, academics, doctors or social figures. This generalization also applies to current competitions. We will certainly hear about the progress of the authors of the current entries, ” said Andres Koppel, the chairman of the board of the Estonian Research Council.

The contest is open for all students studying in Estonia (including foreign students studying in Estonia) and Estonian citizens studying abroad. Research papers can be submitted on all university levels: applied higher education and bachelor’s studies; master’s studies; doctoral studies and in all fields of research:

In addition to national awards, special prizes of the President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Social Affairs are issued.
The prize pool of the competition is EUR 70 877.79 and the prize sums are as follows:
1. Research papers of applied higher education and undergraduate students (I prize of EUR 960, II prize of EUR 650, III prize of EUR 320);
2. Master’s degree students’ research papers (1st prize 1600 EUR, II prize 1300 EUR, III prize 700 EUR);
3. Doctorate students’ research papers (1st prize 1600 EUR, II prize 1300 EUR, III prize 700 EUR);
4. two major prizes 3600 euros;
5. Special prizes of the President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, totaling EUR 5497.79
6. Special prizes from the Ministry of Social Affairs, totaling EUR 3400.

The Estonian Research Council is organizing the contest for student research in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research for the 27th time this year.

Additional information:
Sirli Taniloo
Contest Coordinator
Estonian Research Council
phone: + 372 731 7347, +372 526 0562