Science Europe

Science EuropeScience Europe is an association of European Research Funding Organisations (RFO) and Research Performing Organisations (RPO), based in Brussels. Its mission is  to promote the collective interests of the Research Funding and Research Performing Organisations of Europe and to strengthen the European Research Area (ERA). At present Science Europe comprises 50 Research Funding and Research Performing Organisations from 27 countries. Estonian Resarch Council is one of the founding members of Science Europe. Andres Koppel, the Head of Estonian Research Council represents ETAg at the General Assembly

The Science Europe has created 6 Scientific Committees and 9 thematic Working Groups with the aim to work  out common research policy recommandations and to make recommendations for the implementation of policies laid out in the Roadmap or any other relevant policy areas.

Working Groups are made of expert level staff of Science Europe Member Organisations.