Young Scientists’ Association

The aim of the Young Scientists’ Association is to help young people find a way to science. In order to do that, we bring together science-driven high school students and scientists, who are ready to give young people advice on their field of study and help them conduct research if needed.

This is an opportunity to get acquainted with the academic world as well as scientists’ activities in companies and to delve into the possibilities of scientific research in a field close to the student’s heart. It also provides an opportunity to learn about the daily work of scientists and career options that are opened up when starting studies in a specific field.

Every year in August, an exciting programme brings all science-minded students all over Estonia to Viitna. This is the venue for YSA’s summer seminar or Camp Viitna, where young people will be encouraged to think along and discuss scientific- philosophical topics in the course of three days. The goal is to offer young people inspiration from top specialists of various areas of science. Every year, a topic that opposes the viewpoint of different fields of science is introduced – Beauty, Death, Faith, Truth and Lie etc.

Viitna Camp is a place where young people keep coming back and when they have finished school, they send their younger friends and relatives there. When giving feedback, the participants themselves have been surprised that even though nobody makes them do anything at the camp (or even go to Viitna), all 100 young people who have gathered there sit through lengthy lectures and discussions completely voluntarily. Just because it is so thrilling. We hope that all experiences gained with the help of YSA’s activities make it easier for young people to make decisions on whether and which field of science they would like to enter in the future.