Participation and requirements

Information for foreign students

One can participate in the contest with his/her university thesis, research paper, study, scientific article or publication or any other form of research compiled at university level. The general term used hereby is “the research paper”.

Foreign students are eligible to participate in the national contest for university students ie the national student research competition, if the research paper submitted to the contest has been compiled during the studies at Estonian university and these studies have been legal and in accordance with the curricula acknowledged by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

General requirements

  1. The research paper has been completed by the year 2022 or 2023.
  2. The research paper is in accordance with requirements of the university, where it has been compiled.
  3. All research papers in other language than Estonian must have an Estonian summary (minimum 3 page summary).
  4. The research paper has to be submitted electronically at
  5. It is possible to participate in the contest with the same research paper or with all it’s part(s) only once in a lifetime.

For example, if you have once participated with an article at doctoral level, it is not possible to participate with the whole doctoral thesis again, as it includes the article, you have already participated with. Once participated, it is possible to participate again with (1) a different research paper written on another topic or (2) with the same topic at the next study level (eg one year in bachelor, next year at master’s level, and the next year at doctoral level). So, participating again needs significant development of the research.

Submitting the research paper

To participate, you need to fill in the online application form and electronically submit the following documents:

  1. The research paper (no signature needed);
  2. Summary in Estonian (minimum 3 pages) (no signature needed). The summary can be in free format and it has to give an overview about the whole research including materials and methods used, describing the value of the research paper to science and give the evaluator an idea of the author’s skills and competence;
  3. Academic CV (no signature needed) including the list of all the publications;
  4. Diploma (scanned coloured copy of the first page). If diploma cannot be presented (you are undergraduate or have not received your diploma yet in the category you participate in), the confirmation letter about studying issued by your university is needed. Confirmation letter has to be signed by university´s representative.
  5. Supervisor’s opinion about the research paper (signed by supervisor). The document can be in free format, ca 1 A4 page, indicating the contribution and the competence of the author and the significance of the research paper for the science.

All the documents listed above have to be submitted electronically through the website Please note that this webpage is provided in Estonian only. If needed, the user guide in English for this website can be used.

The deadline for submitting applications is September 15 (at 23.59).

NB! The documents, which need a signature, can be signed digitally or on paper. Both the digitally signed and scanned coloured copy can be uploaded direcetly (no postal or e-mail sending needed).