COLLNET and WIS (Webometrics, Informetrics, Scientometrics)

Viimati muudetud: 05.12.2012

COLLNET is a global interdisciplinary research network of scholars who are concerned to study aspects of collaboration in science and in technology (see COLLNET web site at: This network of interdisciplinary scholars was established in January 2000 in Berlin with Hildrun Kretschmer as coordinator. Since that time there have been thirteen meetings: the first in Berlin, September 2000, the 2nd in New Delhi, February 2001 and the 3rd in Sydney (in association with the 8th ISSI Conference), July 2001. The 4th COLLNET Meeting took place on August 29th in 2003 in Beijing in conjunction with the 9th International ISSI Conference; the First International Workshop on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS) and 5th COLLNET Meeting in Roorkee, India, in March 2004. The 6th COLLNET Meeting took place in association with the 10th ISSI Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, in July 2005.

The Second International Workshop on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS) and 7th COLLNET Meeting was organized in Nancy, France, in May 2006.The Third International Conference on WIS and Science and Society & Eighth COLLNET Meeting took place in New Delhi, India, in March 2007 (, the Fourth International Conference on WIS & Ninth COLLNET Meeting in Berlin, Germany in July 2008 ( and the Fifth International Conference on WIS & Tenth COLLNET Meeting in Dalian, China, in September 2009 ( Sixth International Conference on WIS& Eleventh COLLNET Meeting took place in Mysore, India, in October 2010,the Seventh International Conference on WIS & Twelfth COLLNET Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, in September 2011 ( and the 8th International Conference on WIS& 13th COLLNET Meeting in Seoul, Korea, October, 2012, Seoul, Korea,

General Chair: Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany, China)

Local  Chair: Ülle Must (Estonia)


Programme Committee:



Regional Chairs:

Regional Chair of Africa, America, Australia and Europe:

Valentina Markusova (Russia)

Regional Chair of China:

Liang Liming (China)

Regional Chair of India:

Ramesh Kundra (India)

Team:  N.K. Wadhwa (India)

Divya Srivastava (India)

Sujit Bhattacharya (India)

Regional Chair of Iran:

Farideh Osareh (Iran)


Local Organizing Comittee:

Ülle Must, Estonian Research Council

Madis Saluveer, Estonian Research Council

Marika Meltsas, Estonian Research Council

Viktor Muuli, Estonian Research Council

Liina Raju, Estonian Research Council

Sirje Virkus, Tallinn University, Institute of Information Studies


Technical Support:

Anu Kongo, Estonian Research Council



Estonian Research Council

Soola 8, 51013, Tartu, Estonia