Research Funding

Important: The call for funding personal and post-doctoral research in 2018 will open on 1 April 2017 and close at 17:00 hours Estonian time on 5 May  2017.

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Reporting in 2017


The holders of institutional research grants have to submit their continuance (follow-up) and infrastructure application from 1 February to 20 March 2017.

Due to obstacles in the information system ETIS the sytem will stay open for applications till April 7th.

The grants which started in 2014 have to submit along with the continuance application amid-term report giving the overview of grant activities during the past three years.



The holders of personal research funding grant have to submit their annual report from 1 February to 6 March 2017.

All ongoing grants will submit the annual report. The projects which ended in December 2016 will submit their research outcomes and expenses for the last grant year in the final report.  


NB! To simplify the reporting, starting from 2017 the annual report entails the continuance application as well.

The continuance of the project will be decided based on the annual report (the annual report consists of a financial report and the continuance application) for the year 2018.

Grants which started in 2017 will submit the financial report from 1 September to 30 September 2017, and on the basis of that report the financing of the project will be decided for the following year (2018). No continuance application is needed.

The grants which ended in December 2016 will submit the final report no later than 12 April 2017 at 17.00 local time.



Postdoctoral researchers will submit their annual report from 2 February to 1 March 2017.

The final report has to be submitted within three months after the end of the project.



Target financed projects will have to submit their final reports no later than 31 March 2017.


ETF grants will have to submit their final reports no later than 31 March.


One of the main activities of the Estonian Research Council (ETAg) is to finance national basic and applied research and researcher mobility. National funding can be applied for institutional research funding or personal research funding. Institutional research funding enables research and development institutions to finance high-level R&D activities and to modernize and maintain the necessary research infrastructure. Personal research funding is funding allocated for the research activities of individuals or research groups.

Research funding is administered by means of open calls organised by ETAg. The applications are first assessed by international experts (electronic remote review), then by 4 Expert Panels. The final decisions are made by the Evaluation Committee which comprises 13 eminent Estonian researchers from different fields of science.

In addition to that, special targeted research programmes can be set up by the directive of the Minister of Education and Research. Estonian Research Council has managed the following programmes: Health promotion research programme TerVE (2011-2015), Environmental protection and technology programme KESTA (2011-2015), and the Polar and Climate Research Programme 2012-2014.

Two national funding instruments will be terminated in 2016: targeted financing of research topics and the Estonian Science Foundation grants.

Siret Rutiku
Head, Department of Research Funding
+372 731 7381