„Estonian Research 2016“ is now available in English

An overview of Estonian research has been translated into English and is now available on the website of the Estonian Research Council together with all the datasets. The Estonian version of the publication was released in December 2016.

The “Estonian Reserach 2016” overviews the development of Estonian research during the past decade focusing on the last couple of years. The report covers such topics as financial and human resources for Estonian research, its results (incl. publications and economic impact), and international dimension. The publication also includes short articles about currently most relevant issues for Estonian research. It is therefore can be considered as a tool for the STI policy monitoring. The overview was compiled by the Estonian Research Council. Most of the articles are authored by renown Estonian researchers. The editorial board of the publication include three professors from the University of Tartu: Jüri Allik, Urmas Varblane and Tiit Tammaru.

The hardcopy versions of both Estonian and English publication are avaliable on request at the Estonian Reserach Council.

For more questions about the report, please contact Kadri Raudvere at kadri.raudvere@etag.ee